Thursday, 3 January 2013

Its perfect time to bring DADA as coach??

Every cricket fan is wishing in this new year team india will get the momentum and will start performing on ground. Everything that could go wrong have gone wrong since indian team won the 2011 world cup.

Many blamed the rise of Twenty20s for the fall in performance in Test matches forget that this Indian team, with Mahendra Singh Dhoni at the helm, has failed in both of the formats of game, with ODIs being the only format in which India have enjoyed some success in terms of a win- loss record, but not in terms of trophies.

Duncan Fletcher who became coach of indian team after world cup and failed to proved himself as india continously lost eight test matches. And i feel its perfect time for DADA to be shown the door and to be handed the job of guiding the Indian team through this tough time. 
I guess it is the perfect time to give him the charge as he is just brilliant to bring the team on track.

The ‘ Bengal Tiger’ was the man who was given the charge of bringing Indian cricket out of its darkest phase. It was 1999-2000 when the match- fixing scandal was at the turn of the millennium and he rebuilted the team that went on to appear in two World Cup finals in eight years and also spotted no 1 test ranking. The man himself is non- committal about whether he would want to take charge of the team, but did leave the door open for an appointment. In in recent conversation he said
 "I wouldn’t say that I would not want to coach the Indian team, but currently, I haven’t given it much thought. Also, I don’t believe in thinking too far ahead. Taking things as it comes is how I like to live my life. You never know what lies in store in the future, so why think so much?” 

I just thing Fletcher didn’t have the skills to manage a team that has a star in every player, and that Ganguly would be the ideal man to take over from him. I don’t understand this obsession with getting foreigners to coach our team. How can someone who isn’t an Indian understand how our system works? Look at australia they always choose a national coach in which they won three consecutive world cup. You have got to have someone who knows the inside out not only Indian cricket, but also how the administration works here. Fletcher failed when it came getting the players to understand how he works and also didn’t have the influence needed to give the players a reality check.

Ganguly was someone who always called a spade a spade and need someone like him to take over. The guy needs to be fearless and not be worried about certain people in the board who want to run the show. Who can be better than him? Also, he hasn’t retired a decade ago so he is well versed with the way things work in Indian cricket. I feel he’s the perfect guy for the job. Fletcher is just like our prime minister who never comes to media never makes any statement why india consecutively loosing?? He just keeps silent like our Manmohan singh.

 Communication i guess is very prominent in the today's life and age and I feel that is where Fletcher has fell back. I have hardly seen him with our skipper that he is discussing something with our captain. I don’t find any reason why an Indian can not be considered  by the BCCI. How about getting someone like Ganguly? He can be the man who can get out the team  form trouble with his immensing idead.

 As for Fletcher, it does seem his days are numbered. Some of the current players recently expressed their disappointment at Fletcher’s methods to the Board of Control for Cricket in India ( BCCI). According to a senior BCCI official, while it is highly unlikely that the Zimbabwean will be sacked before his term ends, there is no question of his contract being renewed.

 Well, Fletcher was on the two year contract which will be ended on the coming april. So lets ripe for the Ganguly and bring the DADA back in team.

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