Sunday, 6 January 2013

Bangla board should chang its attitude towards Pak tour..??

Bangla Team were all set to tour Pakistan in April 2012 after a deal was made between the bangla board and pakistani cricket board. Disappointingly the tour did not happen as a Dhaka court order embargoed the series. Bangladesh was supposed to play three ODIs and two T20Is. Time moved on and the proposed series looked a possibility again.
Kamal's dream of becoming the ICC vice-president came true and his legacy as BCB chief was to be carried on by Nazmul Hassan, an MP from the ruling party. On November this year Hassan revealed that the BCB had made a written commitment to the PCB on touring the country in the latter part of 2012. Hassan said that compulsary steps would be taken regarding the tour and didn't reveal by whom the letter was sent. Hassan and the BCB were in the second phase of talks with the PCB as the first phase which was about the security issues had been dealt satisfactorily.
Before Bangladesh premiere league, bangalesh was scheduled to pakistan for a solitary ODI and T20. One could feel the amazement amongst passionate Pakistani fans who were yearning for the return of international cricket to Pakistan.
On December last year, while addressing to media, Hassan said that the tour to Pakistan had been ruled out for the moment neither saying 'yes' or 'no'. "The ICC minutes have it that we have made an unconditional commitment to tour Pakistan. But there is concern among us about the country's security situation, it has deteriorated. We don't think it will be wise to visit Pakistan at this time," he said.
But Hassan and his men did have a satisfactory talk regarding the security of Pakistan while they were in conversation in the first phase. Now, if the meeting regarding the security had been satisfactory enough then why this sudden stepping back by the BCB remains a moot question. In fact, Pakistan's security has been too shaky for the last couple of months. I don't think the BCB slept while the Polio Vaccine workers were attacked, Malala was shot or during the serial bomb blasts that had been taking place in many areas of Pakistan. Bearing such incidents in mind was it apt and appropriate by the BCB to wave a green flag regarding the Pakistan tour?
Rather than being non-committal, the BCB must come to a specific decision. If they wish to tour then they should proceed accordingly and if they don't wish to tour then they should say no straight way. This drama isn't doing any good to Bangladesh's image. In fact, this game of yes-or-no is questioning our commitments.
Sadly, the cricket fans of both the countries are the ones suffering. The war of words between fans on both sides on social websites is pathetic. As a matter of fact, Bangladesh and Pakistan cricket fans should never been at daggers drawn. Again, other than their army, the common people of Pakistan are very kind and humble towards Bangladesh and convey their utmost sadness regarding 1971. But the much cherished relationship is getting soured due to the twisted attitude of the BCB.
If the BCB had given a written commitment to Pakistan then it becomes a responsibility for Bangladesh to tour Pakistan. Bangladesh should respond to those fans that are deprived of cricket for the last three and half years. We mustn't forget Pakistan's help in building our cricket when we had no hope. We were provided coaches from them, they had provided us ample support in the ICC regarding our Test status, they had supplied us players for our Dhaka League in the 90s when cricket was still not popular and in last year's BPL it had been their players who were instrumental in making the tournament a mega hit.
Bangladesh must tour Pakistan and should not neglect. Pakistani board was always helpful to bangla baord. But yes, before that Pakistan must ensure a full-proofed security and the BCB must monitor it thoroughly before saying yes. The BCB must stop its twisted attitude regarding the tour and be specific. It will be a victory of cricket as Pakistan recently visited india.

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