Saturday, 28 June 2014

Decoding- National Herald Case

A local Delhi court magistrate Gomati Manocha's has summoned Congress President Sonia Gandhi and Vice President Rahul Gandhi to present in court before 7th august. BJP leader Subramanian Swamy had filed a PIL against Congress party for misappropriation of funds. This is first time in the history of Congress party, first family of the party has been summoned by an Court.

It can be a wonderful case study for the B-school students, that how congress party made 2000 crores out of nothing. Let’s take a deep look on the case, as it is really misappropriation of funds or merely politically motivated campaign by Swamy as Congress is defending. Lets understand the full case.

The National Herald was established by Congress party veteran Nehru in 1938. The company was suffering from huge loss and as a result closed down in 2008. The National Herald publisher had huge assets in New Delhi, Lucknow, Panchkula, Indore and Mumbai. 

In 2010, a company name Young Indian was started under the Section 25, in the Companies Act, 1956. Congress president Sonia Gandhi and vice-president Rahul Gandhi has acquired 76% shares of the company. The rest of shares were acquired by Congress party treasurer Motilal Vora, General Secretary Oscar Fernandes and Gandhi family friend Suman Dubey and technocrat Sam Pitroda. 

Associated Journal group was facing the huge loss of 90 crores. Young Indian group which was basically a congress party company bought Associate journal in 50 lakhs. In the revert Young Indian company has to pay the loss of 90 crores of Associated journals.

Young Indian company acquired a loan of 90 crores from Congress party only with no interest and took over all the assets of Associated Journal worth 1600 crore. As Young Indian company has got loan from Congress party. It is obvious political parties get the donations from the public money. This is how Congress party own company made 1600 crores in just 50 lakhs.

Why it is a case of fraud-

I have mentioned above how Congress party led Young Indian acquired the public limited company, the Associated Journals Ltd, which is the publisher company of National Herald. The deal is a fraud, bogus and a violation of numerous laws. It is a fraud committed in order to grab the Herald House in Delhi that is located in a hub and which is worth about 1600 crores.

The very first reason is the Associated Journals Company RoC details is that Jawahar Lal Nehru, Feroze Gandhi, Indira, and some other noted persons are shown as current shareholders! In fact, 80 per cent of the original shareholders are no more alive. So too many of the obsolete firms, including several companies having doubtful addresses in Kolkata, are shown as shareholders of the Associated Journals.

The second reason is the acquisition of the Associated Journals Ltd. Judging by documents filed with RoC is absolutely illegal. On Feb 26, 2011, the Board of Associated Journals passed a resolution approving AICC (All India congress committee) had loans to the Company indiscreet and for zero interest rate to quench the obligation of the company of more than rs 90 crore. It is illegal for a political party to give loans to any private company.
The third reason is that Indian Government accommodation cannot be used for private business. In a filed statement by Young Indian disclosing RoC that meeting of shareholders was taken place at Janpath, 10.

The fourth reason is a political party cannot give interest free loan to any business venture. Thus, the deal was to grab all the properties of Associated Journal in Delhi and in different part of UP for a commitment to pay Rs 50 lacs is purely illegal.

Thursday, 20 February 2014

Narendra Modi : The Man who "Appeased for none, Developed for all"

BJP’s Prime-ministerial candidate Narendra Modi’s jingle ‘appeasement for none, development for all’, is an answer to the politics of minority appeasement being experienced in the country for years. This tag-line of Modi is getting vast acceptability in the muslim regions of Gujrat. One of the impact of acceptability of this slogan is BJP’s clean sweep victory in civic polls in muslim regions in Gujrat. BJP got 30 to 60 per cent Muslims votes for BJP in as many as 22 constituencies where Muslims were in prominent numbers. And if the same miracle of this slogan starts having impact at the national level then Modi might occur as one of the first politicians ever to find a answer to the politics of religious appeasement that has punctured the cycle in which nation is running.

The Nasty Movement Against Modi –

For the last twelve years, there had been a deliberate effort to color Gujrat in a very nasty way and term it as epitome of communalism, even when official records getting better year over year. From the last one decade, Gujrat has been the most pacific place without even single communal riot. On the other hand, in rest of the country the situation had been completely different. Starting from riots in several parts of Uttar Pradesh (Muzaffarnagar riots), Bihar and even in West Bengal, where intelligence reports alleges people from Bangladesh came on truck and killed the innocent people and asked them to leave the village(24 Pargana district).  Situation in north-east states is even not very good, In assam, last year a girl was molested in front of police. 

There are also many other tensions in northern east states where the prime crisis is because of a literal incursion by Bangladeshis who have illegally come and settled in such a huge number that the local population is gradually becoming minority. On based on government facts only, there are five crores Bangladeshi living in India, experts claims the number can be even bigger. Even though, it is a big threat for the country.  National media does not cover these stories. All the news debates are digging out some or other problems in Gujrat. In spite of the extraordinary progress and peace in Gujrat. Gujrat is only one of the state in india which has all growth rates from industry to agriculture in double digits.

Even Supreme Court appointed SIT gave clean chit to the Gujrat’s chief-minister did not appease his critics. Many rioters were sent to jail (including Maya Kodnani, state minister were sent to jail for 28 years). Truth though is, we don’t want to listen or face the truth from the muslims of Gujrat.

If India will progress, Muslims will not???

From the past few years, Narendra Modi has been steadily talking about some prominent national issues. Such national issues include the issue of national security, Falling of economy, terrorism and inexorable attacks by Pakistan across borders, beheading of Indian soldiers as well as issues of invasion of Chinese Soldiers into Indian Terrain. Government is silent of all the above issues.

From the starting, Narendra Modi is hovering the issue of black money which needed to be bring back as well as gigantic corruption, lack of economical policies. And he has constantly voiced his worry and criticized the UPA Government for being mute on the issue of massive intrusion of Bangladeshis into India.

Only question arises now, “Are these issues not important for Muslims as it is for Hindus.” If Pakistan or terrorist attacks on India, will it not harm the Muslims and Hindus both of India. Is it not that in terror attacks, Hindus and Muslims both will die? Is talking against terrorism anti-Muslim? Is it not that corruption, unemployment and economic slow down affecting Muslims and Hindus both? 

When Narendra Modi talks about policies of BJP, Does he need to speak separately for Mukhtar Abbas Naqvi cause he is a Muslim. Cause the Nation is not divided in different community. Narendra Modi has always mentioned, his own definition of secularism is “India First”. Anything that is good for India, is good for all the people of country at the same time. India has always been a country of different religions, cultures; it should not divided by undefined definition of secularism.

Media and Critics should move on-

All the religions are the integral part of India. Narendra Modi’s “India’s first” slogan is gradually reach out of Gujrat too. According to Maulana Mehmood Madani former Vice Chancellor of Deoband

“Every One had to accept that Muslims of Gujarat are far better off in terms of economic prosperity than Muslims of the rest of the country. And Modi made it happen without any appeasement politics.”

Media and critics should accept the jurisdiction of Supreme Court and should also listen the voices of Muslims of Gujrat, who are happy and should focus more on national issues which will be better for the country and healthy politics.

Friday, 3 January 2014

Why Modi must be India’s Prime-Minister??

After Godhra riots it was unbelievable that Modi will ever be prime-ministerial candidate but Lok Sabha elections due in April-may, he is the front runner for the post The Gujrat chief-minister has always had a core of fanatical supporters for his good governance and hard core Hindu nationalism and because he has a great vision, he ensures things implemented, people finds him as a savior of India. 

One of the reason for immense popularity of Mr Modi is the growth and development model of Gujrat. When Indian economic growth is moving down and unable to touch 5%, Gujrat has been the highest state economic growth rate. Gujrat is the most electricity producing state. Last year in December when all the states were starving for light, Gujrat was the only state to have electricity.

The Semi-final of the Lok Sabha election, the assembly election in five state, BJP swept out congress in Rajasthan and Madhya Pradesh. In Chhattisgarh, it was a close match but BJP managed to win. In delhi, It was among AAP-BJP and Congress. AAP has many positives, like first time in politics, got the sympathies of people as he had came out of ANNA movement. Even BJP emerged the biggest party and restricted congress to seven seats only. Although BJP did not form the government. Meghalaya was the only consolation for the congress before Final.

The difference between in the mentality of BJP and Congress can be seen by the statements where Mr Modi says “He does not want to align with ant party in Delhi and wants a clean politics” on the other side, Mr Digvijay Singh of Congress says “BJP won 32 seats and even cant form government and we won 8 seats and are in government.” In his 12 year of ruling the Gujrat government, he has never been involved in any corruption charges.

The main heir of this corruption free Government, however, is Mr Modi. He is not only the prime-ministerial candidate for the Hindu, (BJP) but, to an rare degree for an Indian party, he is the public face of its campaign. His critics may say “There was no Modi wave” but fact is never going to change that “His visibility helped account for its success in Rajasthan, Madhya Pradesh, Chhattisgarh and Delhi”.

A dazzling orator, the 63-year-old entices huge crowds around the country. He made a vivid change in Indian politics, whereas parties pay people to listen their leader but Mr Modi charged an entrance fee - which is a positive symbol of the enthusiasm he arouses and a way of making supporters feel they belong to a powerful movement. And the most important thing the money collected from entrance fees were donated to a good cause. 

Many of India’s business giants are captivated with him. Anil Ambani, chairman of Reliance Group titled him “the lord of men, “a leader among leaders” and a “king among kings”. Investors think that he would fire up the economy. Bright young acolytes are giving up well-paid jobs to join his campaign. Youth finds a hope in his speeches and connecting to him.

Narendra Modi comes from a low caste and a modest background as a tea-seller; his success is down to determination and motivation. And in a system shot through with corruption, he is a leader with clean image and good track record of good governance.

Gujarat, a state of sixty million people, has roared in the ruling period of Mr Modi as he has cut red tape and built roads and power lines. Business has thrived and investment has decanted. Gujarat holds only 5% of India’s population, yet produces nearly 25 % of the exports of the country. GDP of the Gujrat has boosted under the rule of Mr Modi and its almost tripled. Narendra Modi promises of replicating Gujarat’s industrial development, speedy growth and developed infrastructure across India. This is something new which forces youth to listen his rallies otherwise politicians usually offer cycles, laptops, grains for a specific section.

His critics always says he is danger for muslim community specially after 2002 riots. However, I don’t think it at all and he is not going to be cataclysmic for India’s Muslims. The poverty rate of muslims in Gujrat has dropped down from over 40% to 11% in two decades. He has done to Gujarat’s Muslims what he had to, and attained what he had to.

This is Narendra Modi who has the power and vision to lead India from the front and can significantly help hundreds of billions of the world’s poorest people. If Modi becomes PM, many people and top leaders should be ready for agitation cases and income tax raids.

Tuesday, 19 November 2013

Its not only cricket- Why Master Blaster received Bharat-Ratna before Dhyan Chand???

Sachin Tendulkar, who retired from international cricket two days ago was acknowledged by India’s most precious award “Bharat ratna”. Undoubtedly Sachin Tendulkar is a Bharat Ratna, every 65 inch of his stature. But its not only about cricket, there were many reason why government awarded him the most prestige award.  Although, the government’s timing was perfect in officially acknowledging on his D-Day what the nation long felt about the cricketer. But why government prefer Sachin over Dhayanchand and Vishwanathan??

Many people would claim that Tendulkar’s authentic sporting achievements are more than matched by one Viswanathan  Anand. But more would also agree that even his superhuman feats donning the tricolour on the helmet do not reasonably add up to the many wonders worked on the Davis Cup turf by one Leander Paes. But they are of same generations who do not mind waiting for their turn.

But in the discussion of Bharat Ratna, to recall the hockey wizard Dhayanchand is fairly through. The hockey legend retired in 1948. He died before Tendulkar even picked up his bat at 11. It is terrible to equate generations or different sports. Dhyan Chand won three Olympic gold medals for India. But statistics tally for nothing when anyone deliberates his influence on the game that he picked up only after joining the Army at 16. If the legend would have played cricket, his aura would no less than Sir, Bradman.

Bradman watched Dhyan Chand in 1935 in action in Adelaide. “Dhyan Chand scores goals like runs in cricket,” was his enthralled response. The next year, the German press went into a flap watching the wizard at Berlin. “The Olympic complex now has a magic show too,” screamed a headline. Legend has it that a charmed Hitler offered the major the post of colonel in his army. Residents of Vienna built a effigy of him with four hands holding four hockey sticks, underlining the wizardry.

 Now doesn’t it seem unusual that government acknowledged Tendulkar before Dhyan Chand , every bit a Bharat Ratna, before honouring the country’s first modern sporting genius and superstar? The downhill affluences of hockey may have a lot to do with it. Long back in 1956, Dhyan Chand was honoured with the Padma Bhushan. The government released a postage stamp on his first death anniversary in 1980. Obviously, sportspersons were not eligible for Bharat Ratna. Rules for the same were amended in nov 2011.

That november, 82 MPs, a number of UPA ministers among them wrote to the Prime Minister’s Office, recommending Bharat Ratna for Dhyan Chand. In the same year, the PMO also received 64 nominations for bharat ratna, including Master Blaster for the highest honour backed by Prithviraj Chavan.

Subsequently in 2012, the union sports ministry has twice recommended Dhyan Chand for Bharat Ratna. This year in July, the ministry recapped that he was the logical choice. “We had to name just one sportsperson for the Bharat Ratna. With all due respect to Tendulkar, Dhyan Chand is a legend in Indian sports. And it was logical to recommend Dhyan Chand for the Bharat Ratna since we have named every other trophy after him,” Pradip Deb, secretary sports, was quoted as saying.

The UPA government dawdled for two years since amending the rules before picking Tendulkar as a ”popular choice” on the day of his retirement. Many people complaint of the honour and said it’s a biased decision.

Anand has won the Chess Oscar six times and world championship five times and in a sport many times more competitive than cricket. Three years senior to Tendulkar, He became India’s first grandmaster even before the boy wonder made his international debut. The only player to have won the world championships in all formats – tournament, match, knockout and rapid – he is recognized as the most adaptable world champion in the history of the game.

Anand (1985) and won the Arjuna award before Tendulkar (1994). Anand was the first recipient of the Rajiv Gandhi Khel Ratna Award in 1991–92, India’s highest sporting honour. Anand became India’s first sportsperson in 2007 to be awarded the Padma Vibhushan ahead of Tendulkar. Chess enthusiasts should not mind if the cricketer takes the lead this time. As Government decision to award Bharat ratna is not only about cricket, its also has political influences.

Sachin, who is currently a member of upper house of parliament from congress. Sachin who also played his last match in his home ground on request from BCCI. Rajiv Shukla, a central minister and bcci chief may ask sachin to promote congress post retirement.
Timing for the acknowledgement was perfect, as sachin was retiring from cricket. People have sympathy from him and should be as he was playing cricket for past 24 years. And perfect time that no one would like to criticize this and UPA government added one feather in his cap. It would not be surprise for the people, if we saw sachin promoting congress in the future.

Tuesday, 24 September 2013

How Many seats Narendra Modi can bring for BJP??

Narendra Modi has been anointed as BJP’s pm candidate for the 2014 lok sabha elections. After the elevation, the biggest question is what will be the impact of Narendra Modi in upcoming loksabha election. As Modi is being projected as the leader of youth and development, lets look at the scenario what modi can bring for BJP-

Looking at the opinions polls conducted by media groups and analyzing India’s 29 states promise the BJP and the NDA a bit of substantial increase in parliamentary seats outside northern and western India. BJP already has an optimum share of seats in its core strongholds like Madhya Pradesh, Chhattisgarh, Himachal Pradesh, Jharkhand, Gujarat and Goa. So, even if there’s a huge jump in the BJP’s percentage vote share in these states, the increase in its seats, if any, will not shoot up. BJP can gain in the north and west states. In the east of bihar and Jharkhand, south of Madhya Pradesh and Maharashtra, the BJP has a negligible presence.
It is often said that the way for delhi passes from UP. So UP is going to be a big catchment for BJP, where BJP can triple the no of seats. Bihar will be crucial, after breaking up with JDU, BJP might increase the no of seats.

Therefore, Modi is going to get more seats than Atal Bihari Vajpayee in 1998 of 183 seats. It leaves him 60-70 seats short for government formation. But for Modi, the prospect of attracting allies is far drabber than it was for Vajpayee in 1998.

So, how modi will form government by getting 220-225 seats, and leaving no choice for the alliance to join. It’s a carefully played gamble: sarsanghchalak Mohan Bhagwat chose to micromanage the BJP as never before to ensure Modi’s elevation. The hype, of course, is to maximise returns through sheer propaganda.

As with their ideological goals, the parivar’s Modi gamble is also backed by long-term calculation. Their purpose in diluting the Hindutva agenda in the 1996-2004 period, by postponing Ayo­dhya, Article 370 and the uniform civil code, was to fashion the BJP as a party of governance, making it the default option in terms of governance. Now it’s time to superpose  Hindu nationalism or the RSS’s majoritarian worldview firmly and indelibly on the BJP’s governance and development agenda. If, to achieve this, the RSS has to live with a 1996 type of interregnum, albeit with an unapologetic Hindutva worldview driving the nat­ional discourse this time, before a completely Hindutva dominated NDA-II is able to govern India, so be it.

A few days back, some senior RSS pracharaks heading a front organization of the parivar gleefully told this columnist how the default urban Hindu youth of today— tech-savvy, educated, and with global aspirations—though he may not belong to any saffron organization, is likely to be temple-going, Pakistan-loathing and wary of Muslims, more so than the previous urban generations. This, they said, was owing to the mahaul (ambience) of debate they have created. Narendra bhai, they claimed, excites the imagination and aspirations of this generation- enlightening them and merging their good will would mean constructing a long-term asset. I still have my reservations about this characterization being universally true for the new urban middle-class generation. I doubt if the modern educated Dalit Hindu in Uttar Pradesh, for instance, would share this trait.
Let’s have a look on the calculation of upcoming Lok-Sabha elections-


In eight states of 154 seats, BJP-NDA can pick up 71 seats. Uttar Pradesh, where Modi’s right-hand-man Amit Shah is in charge, is getting triple number of seats of 2009.

Jammu and Kashmir-

Jammu’s Politics is more influences by local issues rather than national issues. In 2008 BJP won seats cause of amaranth land agitation but that was optimum, in 2014 BJP can win seats cause of LOC cease fire and early beheaded of indian army that can bring maximum of three seats.

 Himanchal Pradesh-

Mood of the votes here is more dominated by state leaders. BJP and Modi may not impact there in HP.

Uttar Pradesh-

Modi’s Magic is definitely going to work here. Modi infuencive power has impacted the youth of higher middle and working class. BJP is surely going to win more than 30 seats in the state. Triple what BJP got in 2009.

Madhya Pradesh-

Modi have a good relation with party worker in MP. So, Modi factor will impact in the state. If BJP comes back to power in MP, it will boost the party worker there, can BJP can get optimum no of seats.


Modi is definitely a motivating factor for the ground level worker. Modi can a factor but in the state muslim vote also be a factor. Noone is going to make a clean sweep in the state.

Delhi -

Modi will be a factor in the state, but AAP is going to cut the votes of BJP. But all polls suggest BJP going to maximum seats in the state.


In Punjab, Modi factor will work to the advantage of the Akali- BJP alliance. The Punjab urban hindu always rallied behind the idea of strong central leadership, this time they have MODI.


BJP is completely out of the mainstream politics of the state. But modi’s recent rallies saw huge numbers of mass can get some seats for Modi.

    States                      Total LS seats          In 2009                    In 2014


In four states, of 101 seats the BJP-NDA can pick up above 60 seats. In Gujarat, the room for improvement is limited.
Narendra Modi’s elevation as pm candidate will have impact in the state. He magic is going to work on the mumbai and pune’s urban elite and higher middle class.
His popularity in increasing day by day in Gujrat. The no of seats is surely going to increase, it may be a repeat of 1999 elections when BJP won 20 seats.
Assembly election in Rajasthan will play a important role. BJP is surely going to increase its number of seats in the state, but does not guarantee of 20 which congress won in 2009. But Vasundraraje and Modi factor is going to work.
The staunch support base of the BJP is definitely going to be a important factor in Goa. The UPA’s performance have pushed them to a mindset where they think, if not UPA, then who??

Total LS seats
In 2009
In 2014
25 (BJP+SS)


Of the four prominent states of 129 seats, BJP might get slightly above then 30, What it will lose in Karnataka due to its diminution, it’s likely to make up in Andhra Pradesh.

If Modi take yediyuruppa on his side, It would go well with the electorate. Modi completely connected with the youth of the state, who finds modi as a visinory leader. Youth of Karnataka now see modi without a baggage of 2002.

 Tamil Naidu-

The BJP has been building organizational structure in the state, which may play out in the 2014 elections. The modi factor will connect with the IT crowd of tamil naidu which who would like to believe that 2002 is a matter of history now. Though Jayalalitha may have a soft corner for modi, it might to tough to go with BJP.

Andhra Pradesh-

One can’t rule out modi’s connect with the youth of the A.P. BJP has now been able to get more than two seats. But with Telangana dominating the discourse, BJP might get more seats in the state.


A section of the upper caste hindus and Ezhavas are unhappy with the present UDF government and congress at the center for appeasing minorities. The constituencies are watch out for where BJP came in a close third.  Since, UPA unlikely to come at the center, a small consolidated hindu might vote in favor of BJP.

No. of LS seats
In 2009
In 2014
Tamil Naidu
Andhra Pradesh


Of the 13 states of 153 seats, NDA can at best hope to pick up some 50 seats. On its own, BJP is surely going to gain but as the JD(U) has some seats already.


The BJP and JDU will be contesting separately for the first time in the state. Both Cast and Community will play a major role. While upper caste will veer towards BJP, others may not. But BJP will gain some seats.


With the formidable presence of outfits like JVM, JMM and ASJU, BJP appears unlikely to gain seats in Jharkhand.


Narendra Modi will make an impact for the rural population of the state. Raman’s singh good performance will also engage the voter and BJP can gain some seats.


The BJP’spresence has gown down since 2008. When Naveen Patnaik snabbed ties with it. The party has 34 MLAs in 2004, seven in 2009. It has no MP. BJP’s projection Narendra Modi is likely to improve if he visits Orissa. Patnaik also has not distances himself from modi and is going to maximize any possible BJP gain with modi at the helm.

No of LS Seats
In 2009
In 2014
West bengal
Arunachal Pradesh

With all the seats, BJP can bring 210-220 seats in the upcoming Lok sabha elections. But that will not be enough. For making government BJP have to attract the alliance. But still it will be many turn ups and down before the election.