Tuesday, 1 January 2013

Women's safety should be our new year resolution..

The first day of this year is here. This year brought lights into lives of many while it also took parts of our lives by grabbing away a dear sister of Indians and sweet daughter of India, Amanat. After barely three days of her expiry, no one is actually in a mood to celebrate new year. They might exchange new year greetings but no sound celebrations would take place. And that's for sure!!

It is time to do something new and start life afresh. But first and foremost, it is about setting targets and making promises, never mind if you end up breaking them. This year the death of the Delhi gang-rape victim at the end of calendar was very shocking for the entire nation and the incident might have awakened the nation's soul, something evident from the resolutions for 2013. 

In this male dominating country, Girls are bound to restriction. We as a nation have to change the thoughts for the girls but also take the responsibility to making boys to respect women..It is aweful to know in india in per thousand approx 221 girls are killed inside the womb..When in this country girls are not safe inside how can be outside..We need to bring some social changes also.

Women in this country are harassed from the time they are born until they die. Girls cannot step out of her house or step into workplace without facing harassment. Two boys were killed in Amboli for defending their female friends, but nothing has come of the caseĆ¢€”though it was sent to a fast-track court.

Society tearfully watches on, but how many parents have sat their children down and discussed this case, discussed violence against women, the repercussions of it and a zero tolerance attitude towards it? Rapists aren’t aliens, they are born to women and families, and respect or disrespect to women is inculcated at home. I know of so many women that are beaten by their husbands and stay mum about it. Their children mutely look on and it becomes an almost acceptable reality since the father is never punished for his actions. The children grow up beating their partners or accepting being beaten up because it is familiar and un-punishable behaviour. Respect towards women is something the parents have to inculcate in their children in the firmest possible manner and also by leading by example. Tell them that no matter what the provocation, raising a hand on a woman is unacceptable and it will always be condemned and severely punished, never condoned. If you are the victim of domestic violence, put an end to it now, because such men need to be taught tough lessons that unfortunately, their parents failed to teach them.

One of the first steps that women need to take is to learn self-defence, a Taekwondo expert herself need to be promoted in schools and colleges. Such horrendous crimes against women have come to light, and are much debated now, because they've taken place in big cities and in the capital. There are more unreported crimes that take place in small towns and villages. I strongly feel that schools and colleges must make martial arts an integral part of their curriculum.

Along with strengthening their physique, girls must also be prepared mentally to face dangers. It must be imbibed in their conscience that they are not the weaker sex. They need to be psychologically prepared to take on their offenders.I think Girls have always been told what to do and what not to do. They've been told what to wear in public and how to behave in front of men. Men in our country have to be taught to respect women. Parents must teach their sons how to behave with the opposite sex. They must be oriented, right from adolescence, not to view girls as a mere sex object." 

I will also demand a ban on computer rape games that are freely sold in the streets and urged the state government to block offensive websites. On a macro level seeks for a special bureau to investigate crime against women, rather like the ACB, that is headed by a woman IPS officer. Amid the chorus for action, there are those who believe that not taking resolutions can extricate the country from the morass it has sunk into. 

Let us use this moment to introspect and earnestly seek ways in which we can address the mindset which lies at the root of such incidents in order that we may achieve dignity and equality for women in our country. Anyway, paying tributes to Amanat, let us welcome this new year with a resolution to respect and protect women.

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