Thursday, 20 February 2014

Narendra Modi : The Man who "Appeased for none, Developed for all"

BJP’s Prime-ministerial candidate Narendra Modi’s jingle ‘appeasement for none, development for all’, is an answer to the politics of minority appeasement being experienced in the country for years. This tag-line of Modi is getting vast acceptability in the muslim regions of Gujrat. One of the impact of acceptability of this slogan is BJP’s clean sweep victory in civic polls in muslim regions in Gujrat. BJP got 30 to 60 per cent Muslims votes for BJP in as many as 22 constituencies where Muslims were in prominent numbers. And if the same miracle of this slogan starts having impact at the national level then Modi might occur as one of the first politicians ever to find a answer to the politics of religious appeasement that has punctured the cycle in which nation is running.

The Nasty Movement Against Modi –

For the last twelve years, there had been a deliberate effort to color Gujrat in a very nasty way and term it as epitome of communalism, even when official records getting better year over year. From the last one decade, Gujrat has been the most pacific place without even single communal riot. On the other hand, in rest of the country the situation had been completely different. Starting from riots in several parts of Uttar Pradesh (Muzaffarnagar riots), Bihar and even in West Bengal, where intelligence reports alleges people from Bangladesh came on truck and killed the innocent people and asked them to leave the village(24 Pargana district).  Situation in north-east states is even not very good, In assam, last year a girl was molested in front of police. 

There are also many other tensions in northern east states where the prime crisis is because of a literal incursion by Bangladeshis who have illegally come and settled in such a huge number that the local population is gradually becoming minority. On based on government facts only, there are five crores Bangladeshi living in India, experts claims the number can be even bigger. Even though, it is a big threat for the country.  National media does not cover these stories. All the news debates are digging out some or other problems in Gujrat. In spite of the extraordinary progress and peace in Gujrat. Gujrat is only one of the state in india which has all growth rates from industry to agriculture in double digits.

Even Supreme Court appointed SIT gave clean chit to the Gujrat’s chief-minister did not appease his critics. Many rioters were sent to jail (including Maya Kodnani, state minister were sent to jail for 28 years). Truth though is, we don’t want to listen or face the truth from the muslims of Gujrat.

If India will progress, Muslims will not???

From the past few years, Narendra Modi has been steadily talking about some prominent national issues. Such national issues include the issue of national security, Falling of economy, terrorism and inexorable attacks by Pakistan across borders, beheading of Indian soldiers as well as issues of invasion of Chinese Soldiers into Indian Terrain. Government is silent of all the above issues.

From the starting, Narendra Modi is hovering the issue of black money which needed to be bring back as well as gigantic corruption, lack of economical policies. And he has constantly voiced his worry and criticized the UPA Government for being mute on the issue of massive intrusion of Bangladeshis into India.

Only question arises now, “Are these issues not important for Muslims as it is for Hindus.” If Pakistan or terrorist attacks on India, will it not harm the Muslims and Hindus both of India. Is it not that in terror attacks, Hindus and Muslims both will die? Is talking against terrorism anti-Muslim? Is it not that corruption, unemployment and economic slow down affecting Muslims and Hindus both? 

When Narendra Modi talks about policies of BJP, Does he need to speak separately for Mukhtar Abbas Naqvi cause he is a Muslim. Cause the Nation is not divided in different community. Narendra Modi has always mentioned, his own definition of secularism is “India First”. Anything that is good for India, is good for all the people of country at the same time. India has always been a country of different religions, cultures; it should not divided by undefined definition of secularism.

Media and Critics should move on-

All the religions are the integral part of India. Narendra Modi’s “India’s first” slogan is gradually reach out of Gujrat too. According to Maulana Mehmood Madani former Vice Chancellor of Deoband

“Every One had to accept that Muslims of Gujarat are far better off in terms of economic prosperity than Muslims of the rest of the country. And Modi made it happen without any appeasement politics.”

Media and critics should accept the jurisdiction of Supreme Court and should also listen the voices of Muslims of Gujrat, who are happy and should focus more on national issues which will be better for the country and healthy politics.

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