Friday, 3 January 2014

Why Modi must be India’s Prime-Minister??

After Godhra riots it was unbelievable that Modi will ever be prime-ministerial candidate but Lok Sabha elections due in April-may, he is the front runner for the post The Gujrat chief-minister has always had a core of fanatical supporters for his good governance and hard core Hindu nationalism and because he has a great vision, he ensures things implemented, people finds him as a savior of India. 

One of the reason for immense popularity of Mr Modi is the growth and development model of Gujrat. When Indian economic growth is moving down and unable to touch 5%, Gujrat has been the highest state economic growth rate. Gujrat is the most electricity producing state. Last year in December when all the states were starving for light, Gujrat was the only state to have electricity.

The Semi-final of the Lok Sabha election, the assembly election in five state, BJP swept out congress in Rajasthan and Madhya Pradesh. In Chhattisgarh, it was a close match but BJP managed to win. In delhi, It was among AAP-BJP and Congress. AAP has many positives, like first time in politics, got the sympathies of people as he had came out of ANNA movement. Even BJP emerged the biggest party and restricted congress to seven seats only. Although BJP did not form the government. Meghalaya was the only consolation for the congress before Final.

The difference between in the mentality of BJP and Congress can be seen by the statements where Mr Modi says “He does not want to align with ant party in Delhi and wants a clean politics” on the other side, Mr Digvijay Singh of Congress says “BJP won 32 seats and even cant form government and we won 8 seats and are in government.” In his 12 year of ruling the Gujrat government, he has never been involved in any corruption charges.

The main heir of this corruption free Government, however, is Mr Modi. He is not only the prime-ministerial candidate for the Hindu, (BJP) but, to an rare degree for an Indian party, he is the public face of its campaign. His critics may say “There was no Modi wave” but fact is never going to change that “His visibility helped account for its success in Rajasthan, Madhya Pradesh, Chhattisgarh and Delhi”.

A dazzling orator, the 63-year-old entices huge crowds around the country. He made a vivid change in Indian politics, whereas parties pay people to listen their leader but Mr Modi charged an entrance fee - which is a positive symbol of the enthusiasm he arouses and a way of making supporters feel they belong to a powerful movement. And the most important thing the money collected from entrance fees were donated to a good cause. 

Many of India’s business giants are captivated with him. Anil Ambani, chairman of Reliance Group titled him “the lord of men, “a leader among leaders” and a “king among kings”. Investors think that he would fire up the economy. Bright young acolytes are giving up well-paid jobs to join his campaign. Youth finds a hope in his speeches and connecting to him.

Narendra Modi comes from a low caste and a modest background as a tea-seller; his success is down to determination and motivation. And in a system shot through with corruption, he is a leader with clean image and good track record of good governance.

Gujarat, a state of sixty million people, has roared in the ruling period of Mr Modi as he has cut red tape and built roads and power lines. Business has thrived and investment has decanted. Gujarat holds only 5% of India’s population, yet produces nearly 25 % of the exports of the country. GDP of the Gujrat has boosted under the rule of Mr Modi and its almost tripled. Narendra Modi promises of replicating Gujarat’s industrial development, speedy growth and developed infrastructure across India. This is something new which forces youth to listen his rallies otherwise politicians usually offer cycles, laptops, grains for a specific section.

His critics always says he is danger for muslim community specially after 2002 riots. However, I don’t think it at all and he is not going to be cataclysmic for India’s Muslims. The poverty rate of muslims in Gujrat has dropped down from over 40% to 11% in two decades. He has done to Gujarat’s Muslims what he had to, and attained what he had to.

This is Narendra Modi who has the power and vision to lead India from the front and can significantly help hundreds of billions of the world’s poorest people. If Modi becomes PM, many people and top leaders should be ready for agitation cases and income tax raids.

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