Friday, 28 December 2012

Who can replace sachin in ODI??

So one day, that too on a Sunday, Sachin Tendulkar decides to retire, giving up on the only lucrative blue collar career in the world and opting to stick to cricket’s white collar day job. Sadly, his fans will not get to see him again on the field in coloured clothing, and those who watched him bat against Pakistan in Mirpur, will be thanking their stars for making it to the day/night match. From now on, India’s favourite batsman will not be seen at a World Cup, and there won’t be a number on his back. 

Sachin Tendulkar 'The great indian cricket legend' has now hung up his pads from ODI. He has been serving for country from last twenty three years. Words are not enough for him some cricket fans beleive him as "Father of Cricket" while other calls him the record book who has the records for maximum runs, maximum runs, maximum number of mathches all of his name. But now we have to move on..We have to find another one who can fit the great Tendulkar's boot.

The real test for India now is finding another cornerstone who can guide India. This i believe can be Virat Kohli. Virat Kohli is a confident young man with an amazing array of shots to dazzle fans with. He seems to have a steady head and at the moment the only pillar holding the Indian shaky middle order together and the lone bright spot India had after this T20 world cup. He seems to have the temperment and class to be a star for India. He has proven he has the skill and attitude to get to the top. He has already played a big hand in many Indian victories over the last 2 years. Virat has been consistent and even when India was struggling on there tours he was one of the few bright spots that were present for that team. Virat has the skill to take over being the pillar of India and i believe India is hoping he does too.

Can he become the cornerstone of Indias New batting lineup?  Tendulkar now has hung his pads up, but India will need to find a suitable candidate to play the role he played for them. Sachin used to help India get off to a great start but most importantly was always there to anchor the innings, case and point the most centuries by any man who has ever played cricket. He guided India to setting and chasing many High totals and was a pillar for India even when other batsmen crumbled around him. It was a joy to watch him during his best.

I remember how Sachin used to play when he was younger and Virat Kohli reminds me of him. Virat made his debut in One Day International ODI cricket in 2008 when both Sachin and Sehwag were injured. Also, following that, he was able to be a part of the team at times when Yuvraj Singh was injured or when Sachin Tendulkar was rested. But, in all the chances he got, he has performed really well and in 2010, he became the fastest Indian to score 1000 runs in ODI cricket. In 2o10, he also became India’s leading run-scorer with 995 runs including 3 centuries from 25 matches at an average of 47.38. (Wikipedia). He is still young and has a long way to go. In 2011, he was the highest run scorer in ODI, he was also choosen as Cricketrt of the year award. Hope he continues to peform great and brings a lot of glory to our nation. If he continues to play the way he is doing right now, am confident, he has the potential to become the ”next Sachin”. Interestingly, Kohli considers Sachin his idol and hates to be compared to him. I feel if does well, it will be a great tribute to his idol as well.

To be frank guys, when Kohli “twists” the bat with his wrists and arm power, its worth watching. He makes quick decisions about the stroke he is going to play after a quick analysis of the field arrangement and the bowler’s strategy and all this means a lot to the audiences and his fans and he truly deserves to be at this “average”. This is just a beginning for him and there are “lot more twists to come”.

The under ninteen captain, Unmukt Chand can also replace him. He has lead the team for under 19 world cup and won the world cup to the india. Meanwhile, Unmukt Chand can wait in the gallery or dressing room and wait for his chance to play for the national team.

To fill the sachin's place is never going to be easy. but the youngers like Virat and Unmukt kept the hopes alive with their performances. They have a long way to go. By now we can only see the talent they have and wish them to carry india on his shoulder like the legend Sachin.

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